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The BrickSeek My Stores feature brings an exciting new way to use your BrickSeek membership. Previously, the Popular Searches feature, Today’s Markdown feature, and the Deals page were all mostly based on nationwide pricing and information. The new My Stores feature allows you to customize your membership by choosing your favorite local stores and then displays localized information on the three membership pages above, allowing you to save time by not having to manually search items on our Inventory Checkers to see the prices at your favorite local stores.

Accessing My Stores

If you have not yet selected your My Stores, our system will automatically choose the closest stores to your default zip code in your account settings. An Extreme member can choose up to 15 stores per retailer, except for Macy’s which is limited to 9. A Premium member can choose up to 5 stores per retailer, except for Macy’s which is limited to 3. My Stores is limited to a maximum of a 50 mile radius based on your zip code, regardless of membership level. Changing the default zip code in your account will also reset the My Store selections to the defaults for the new zip code.

To access your My Store selections, you can go to your Account settings, then select My Stores. Once you are in the My Stores menu, you can view, add, or modify your My Store selections.


Selecting My Stores

As previously mentioned, by default our system will automatically choose the closest stores to your default zip code as your My Stores list. To modify your list, simply uncheck any of the stores that you don’t want included, select any additional stores that you do want included, and then click the Save Changes button.

Once you click Save Changes, the Save Changes dialog box will be displayed. These changes cannot be undone without restoring back to the default settings. So, click Yes, save all changes to confirm the changes. If you decide later that you want to modify your My Stores list, simply click the Restore Default Settings button and then start the process over from the beginning.

Using the My Stores Option

Now that we’ve selected our favorite local stores for our My Stores list, let’s take a look at the My Stores filter option on the three main featured pages. Due to popularity, we’ll use Walmart in our examples to make it easier to follow. First, we’ll start off by viewing the Walmart Today’s Markdowns page to look for items of interest.

Now included in the filters on the left side panel of the page is an Availability section with the Seen in my stores option. Enabling this feature will filter the page to display only items that our system has previously detected in stock in your selected My Stores list. It is important to note that this filter is not a real-time inventory search, it is based on what our system has previously detected. It is still always recommended to search items using the BrickSeek Inventory Checker page to view real-time results before making a trip to the store as the information from the My Stores feature may have since changed from the last update by the system.

Deal Tiles

Here is a closer look at the updated deal tiles with the new My Stores feature. You will now see any recently detected prices from stores in your My Stores list for items that are in stock or have limited availability. Items that are reported to us as out of stock are not included. Click the “view more” button to bring up a dialog box with more information on which of your local My Stores the deal was detected, the time the system detected the information, the stock status, and the price detected at the store.



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