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One of our newest features, our Online Deal Alerts, is a great way to find savings on items that don’t require you to chase down deals in your local stores. Unlike our Local Inventory Alerts where you set alerts on very specific items, the Online Deal Alerts are based on product categories instead. For example, instead of needing to set an alert on a very specific variety of Tide detergent, you could set an alert on laundry detergents and be notified by our system via email whenever it detects a deal that meets your criteria.

As a reminder, the total number of Online Deal Alerts and when they are sent do vary by membership level. Extreme members get an unlimited amount of Online Deal Alerts, Premium members have 10 total Online Deal Alerts, and Free members get 3 Online Deal Alerts. Extreme members are notified of the deal as soon as the deal has been detected by our system, Premium members are sent the alert 1 hour after, and then Free members get the alert after another hour. Online deals don’t always stay in stock for long so it's best to act quickly!

Accessing Online Deal Alerts

To access the Online Deal Alerts menu, simply go to your Account settings drop down menu and then click Online Deal Alerts.  From this menu you can create, edit, or delete your Online Deal Alerts.

Creating an Online Deal Alert

There are three different ways to create an Online Deal Alert - the Online Deal Alerts menu, from the Online Deals page, as well as from any particular deal item page that is eligible for Online Deal Alerts.

1. To create a new alert from the Online Deal Alert menu, click the “Add a new online deal alert” button when viewing that page.  


2. To create a new alert from the Online Deals page, click the “Add Online Deal Alert” button when viewing that page.  


3. To create a new alert from an eligible item's deal page, click the “Create an Online Deal Alert for” button when viewing that page.  


The Add a New Online Deal Alert dialog box will appear and you’ll start the process of customizing your new alert. From here you can customize the category of the alert, your budget that you’re willing to spend, how good of a deal you want to be notified for, as well as specific brand filters.

For the Alert Sensitivity option you have the options of all deals, great deals, and amazing deals.

  • All Deals - these alerts include more common prices on the item but still a good time to buy if you’re in need of the item. You’re likely to see plenty of these alerts.
  • Great Deals - these alerts are for prices that are better than normal and a bit more rare to see. You won’t see as many alerts with this setting but they’ll help filter out common sales.
  • Amazing Deals - these are much more rare opportunities to save on these items as the price is well below normal and often the lowest prices we’ve ever seen for the item. These alerts won’t come in as often but when they do they’ll have your attention!


To provide a good example, we will showcase the steps of adding a new Online Deal Alert on a stand mixers and show an actual result that we received recently.

The first thing we need to do after bringing up the Add a New Online Deal Alert dialog box is to choose the category. For this, we will scroll down to the Appliances section and then select Stand Mixers. Next, we can set a budget to filter out only deals that fit our budget, which for the example we’ll use $220 (this is optional and not required). For the Alert Sensitivity we’ll set for Amazing Deals because I only want to buy this item if I can get it for a really great price. For the Brand filters, I’m going to set it for KitchenAid, Cuisinart, and Hamilton Beach because those are the ones I’d be most interested in buying.

Once your alert has been created, you’ll get one more dialog box that confirms that you’ve added it to your Online Alerts List.

Receiving an Online Deal Alert

As mentioned previously, Online Deal Alerts are currently sent via email. Once our system detects a deal that meets the criteria that you set when you created the alert, it’ll send an email to you to inform you of the deal. Also as mentioned previously, the amount of emailed alerts that you receive may vary based on the sensitivity of the deal alert that you set when you create the alerts. In the example below, this is an emailed alert that was received on the previously created alert above for only Amazing Deals on Stand Mixers.

Editing and Deleting an Online Deal Alert

Now that you’re getting familiar with adding items to your Online Deal Alerts, let's take a closer look at how to edit or delete an existing one. 

To delete something from your Online Deal Alerts list, click in the radio box to the left of the item to select it and then click on the “Delete Selected” button at the top of the Online Deal Alerts list.


Once you select the “Delete Selected” button, a new pop-up dialog box will appear that asks you to confirm that you really want to delete the selected items from your Online Deal Alerts. Select “Cancel” if you did this by accident or select “Yes, delete selected items” to confirm.

To edit an item from your Online Deal Alerts, like changing the alert sensitivity type from All Deals to only Amazing Deals, for example, simply click on the Edit button to the right of the Online Deal Alert that you want to modify. Clicking on the Edit button will open the Edit Online Deal Alert window and you can make any desired changes. Once you make your changes, click on the “Save Changes” button at the bottom of the window. 



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