There are many types of offers ranging multiple categories and redemption methods. Whether you're looking for a quick bite to eat at a local restaurant, or you're looking to book a big family vacation, this rewards network has something for you. Review below the different ways to narrow down your search to find exactly what you may be looking for.





When first arriving at the Rewards page, it will be arranged like many of the other pages on the BrickSeek site. This page will default to show offers from your zip code set in your account settings, but you can change this by selecting the "change" link at the top of the page. There are 60 offers per page and you can scroll through each page to view offers of all categories and types.

You can search for more specific offers by typing in a keyword in the search bar and making sure the search option is set to "Rewards." This will return all relevant results ONLY within the Rewards network.



In order to narrow your search down further, you have the ability to filter by a variety of different options. On desktop, the filter tool will be located on your left frame. On mobile, you can select the Filter button at the top of the Rewards page. From here you will be able to filter down by the following options:

  • Category
  • Location or Brand
  • Offer Tag
  • Redemption Method

These filters will help you better narrow down your search and find specific deals that will work best for you.





Once you have the results narrowed down to what you are interested in, you may sort the offers to view in an order you'd like. The default sorting is set to Distance but you may change this to Newest or Offer Value. Newest will push the latest offers to the top and will sort the remaining offers in a descending order. Offer Value will sort the results by the greatest amount of potential savings. 

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