The BrickSeek Homepage

The BrickSeek Homepage was redesigned to help our visitors find more deals that they may be interested in. You’ll also see the Getting Started With BrickSeek video at the top of our homepage which gives newcomers an idea of what BrickSeek is and a quick overview on how it works.  

The redesigned BrickSeek Homepage is another great way to find savings on items both in store and online. You don’t have to be a Premium or Extreme member to find great deals on the homepage but do keep in mind that some items are seen by Extreme members first and then Premium members before they’re displayed to the public. The deals displayed here are always being updated by our system so it changes quite often during a day so it’s always a good idea to revisit this page at least daily to see new content. As always, prices and quantities are always subject to change so it’s always great practice to use the inventory checker for real-time info before leaving for the store.  

Accessing the BrickSeek Homepage

Let’s take a look at the redesigned BrickSeek homepage so that you can learn what it is and how you can use this page to help you find great deals.

Accessing the BrickSeek Homepage is very simple. Go to and you’re there! If you’re already on a BrickSeek webpage, just click on the BrickSeek logo and it’ll take you to our Homepage.  

Viewing the BrickSeek Homepage

Now that you’re viewing the BrickSeek Homepage, you’ll notice that it asks for your local zip code so that it can display deals local to you. If you have a registered BrickSeek account, this field will automatically be populated for you. Below the zip code field, you’ll see many different deal categories and deal tiles being displayed. Like many other BrickSeek pages, you’ll notice that each deal is located in its own tile. The tile includes the title of the deal; the reported MSRP; the lowest known local price (“Near You”); a % off bar; and a view deal button that will take you to the BrickSeek deal page. If you are an Extreme or Premium member, you may also see the current membership level banner at the top of the tile to indicate whether or not that item is exclusive to a particular membership level or not.


Deal Tiles

Here is a closer look at the deal tiles that were described above.


Page Navigation

Now that you’re getting familiar with the BrickSeek Homepage, it’s time to scroll through these deals to find items that may interest you. The prices displayed in the deal tiles are from the time that the system detected the deal, and they’re always subject to change, especially with the online deals. As you scroll down to the bottom of the page you will see the six main deal categories currently being displayed -- electronics deals near you, online electronics deals, toy and game deals near you, online toy and game deals, more deals near you, and more online deals. Each category has a navigation arrow on the right which allows you to see a few more deals tiles as well as a “View All” button above it that will bring you to the Deals page to see more deals.


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