Popular Searches pages (desktop version)

Popular Searches

These pages are populated with the items that are being searched the most on BrickSeek. Why is that important? Well, they’re likely popular items for a reason -- usually because these items are dropping in price across the country or because they’re hard-to-find items that have a really high demand. Because popular searched items are oftentimes tied to great deals that are trending across social media, you may need to act quickly as these items are being sought after by many others!

As a reminder, the total amount of deals that are visible in the Popular Searches pages do vary by membership level, with Extreme members seeing more than Premium members.

Accessing the Popular Searches 

Let’s take a look at the Popular Searches pages so that you can learn how to use this feature to find great deals.

To access any of the Popular Searches pages from a desktop browser, you’ll first have to hover over the Members Area menu, then hover over Popular Searches, and then select a retailer. Due to popularity, we’ll use the Walmart Popular Searches in our examples.


Viewing the Popular Searches

Now that you’re viewing the page, you’ll notice each deal is located in its own tile. The tile includes the title of the deal, the popularity rank, the MSRP, the lowest commonly found price; and three dots in the upper left corner.

If you hover your cursor over the three dots, the tile will flip over with additional information for that item, including the SKU; the total percentage of stores reporting the item in stock; the percentage of stores with the item priced lower than the MSRP; and links to check local inventory, Pricing Records, and the BrickSeek Snapshot page for that item. If you’re an Extreme member, you’ll also have the option to hide this item from your feed.


Deal Tiles

Here is a closer look at the Popular Searches deal tiles that are described above.


Page Navigation

Now that you’re getting familiar with the Popular Searches page, it’s time to scroll through these items to find ones that interest you and to check their price and availability near you to uncover deals. 

When you scroll all the way down to the bottom of the Popular Searches, you will see how many deals are currently being displayed; and you’ll have the option to navigate to the next page, previous page, or to manually input a page number.


Applying Filters

You’ll also see product filters in the left column of each page that will allow you to filter and sort the listed deals. For example, if you previously saw a Crayola product on one of the Popular Searches pages but don’t recall where, you can apply a Brand filter to display only Crayola products.


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